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World-Class Houseware and Home Textiles Events in Hong Kong

20-23 Apr 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Guide to Zones & Group Pavilions
Exhibitor List
Event Schedule

Make Yourself At Home
Welcome to the Hong Kong Houseware and Home Textiles Fairs
Collecting the Latest Homeware from Over 2,500 Exhibitors
A house is not yet a home – first, it must be filled with things that reflect the lifestyle of the inhabitants inside. With that in mind, welcome to Asia’s top houseware event, the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2017 and the concurrent HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair 2017! Filled with innovative lifestyle products, top designs, expert furnishings, homely decorations and much more, everything needed to turn a living space into a dream home is displayed by the Fairs’ 2,500-plus exhibitors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre now. These 2 events reveal the latest industry trends, consumer preferences and cutting-edge ideas that will define the rapidly expanding home lifestyle industry for years to come.


As Asia’s biggest event of its kind, the Houseware Fair is where you can find out what attracts the modern consumer with over 2,200 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, including first-time participation from Latvia. A total of 13 group pavilions have been set up in the fairground, representing Bangladesh, the Chinese mainland, European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Wrzesniak Glassworks
Booth: 1E-E01
Milk Frother
Technical Development (HK) Limited
Booth: 1D-D15

Stroller Fan
Tee-Zed Products Pty Ltd
Booth: 1D-C19
Storage Basket
Ante International Limited
Booth: 1D-B15

Porcelain Art Picture
New Asia Group Holdings Limited
Booth: 1E-E05
Neck pillow
Unclesign Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-D11

What’s On 20 Apr (Thu)
Houseware Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1E
Startup . Smart Launch
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D
International Kitchenette
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG
WGSN Trendtalk: “Houseware & Home Textiles 2018 Forecast”
Venue: Meeting Rooms N106-108
World of Building & Hardware Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D
Home Textiles Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: OASIS, Hall 3B
Pet Supplies Product Demo
Venue: Atrium, Hall 1A
Latte Art Performance
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG
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Opening Hours

20-22 April (Thu-Sat):

9:30am - 6:30pm

23 April (Sun):
9:30am - 5pm

Buyer Registration Hours

20-22 April (Thu-Sat):
9am - 6pm

23 April (Sun):
9am - 3:30pm

Celebrating the L.I.F.E. Aspects
Our major zone categories are represented by "L.I.F.E." and its many themes, including "Lifestyle", "Interior", "Feast" and "Enrich" to create an easy-to-navigate setting and superior sourcing experience for buyers and visitors.

Lifestyle Zone – Count on Copper (Hall 1)
Copper is back and better than ever – count on it! In a first-time collaboration with renowned Italian trend forecasting agency, A+A Design Studio, the Lifestyle Zone exhibits a range of beautiful products centering around the theme of “Count on Copper”. Giving houseware products and designs a timeless, elegant and rustic luster, be sure to visit the copper-inspired trend display outside Hall 1A for more brilliant copper houseware designs.
Regent Silverware Manufacturing Ltd
Booth: 1E-B11
Bullet canister
We Well Industrial Co., Ltd
Booth: 1E-A32
Wine Opener
Zhongshan Cheers Electronics Co Ltd
Booth: 3F-G04

Fame and Acclaim @ Hall of Elegance (Halls 1D-E)
The names we know and celebrate can be found at the aptly named Hall of Elegance, collecting over 40 prestigious exhibitors with innovation, top-tier craftsmanship and storied histories at Halls 1D-E. Join a best-in-class exhibition of famous brands including Berndes, bzyoo, Happycall, JIA, Kakiemon, Laica, PinJang, R2S, Thomson Pottery, Topchoice, TVS and many more.
Nine Three International Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1D-D22
Traditional Japanese Ceramic Art
Ichikura Limited
Booth: 1D-B19
Little Cowboy Bubu Car
Shuter Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1E-F21

Walk along the Coffee Alley (Hall 1 Concourse)NEW!
For many coffee lovers, the morning is not complete without their cup of joe! This worldwide favourite has become much more than just a breakfast drink – it is now a true lifestyle accessory. From beans to bean storage, grinding to brewing, presentation to enjoyment, every facet of the process goes towards a good cup of coffee. Coffee Alley is where you will find the greatest selection of coffee-related products including coffee makers, grinders, mugs and much more that will satisfy the modern coffee connoisseur.
Thermal Bottle
Global Castle Industrial Limited
Booth: 1CON-030
Espresso Filters
Focus & Co (Far East) Limited
Booth: 1CON-029
Coffee Mug
Zibo CAC Chinaware Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1CON-027

Delicate Ornaments for Home @ World of Fine Decor (Halls 1A-B)
The premium zone for excellent decor including glass and crystal decoration, dried flowers and plants, wedding accessories and decorative lighting.
Metal Cabinet
Chang Fu Precision Co., Ltd
Booth: 1A-D01
Ashwood Veneer Shadow Box (set of 3)
Sunny Age Limited
Booth: 1A-D15
Fragrance Diffuser
Ramesh Flowers Private Ltd
Booth: 1A-F02

Source for the Little Friends @ World of Pet Supplies (Hall 1A)
Our pets bring us endless joy each day, so it is only natural that owners are demanding the best for their furry little friends. Pet supplies are a continuously booming industry all around the world, as pet owners continue to demonstrate their willingness to spend on premium pet food, exquisite treats, top-notch care and training products, toys and much more. Make your way to Hall 1A for the latest and greatest in pet supplies from around 100 exhibitors!
2 in 1 Brush with Shampoo Dispenser
e-Best Pet Products Co Limited
Booth: 1A-C01
Pets Tent
Prime Success Enterprises Limited
Booth: 1A-C02
Pet Wood Vinegar Shampoo
Cixi Corporation
Booth: 1A-C03

For a Fancy Dining Experience @ World of Fine Dining (Halls 1B-D)
More and more home-savvy cooks and consumers are bringing restaurant-quality experiences into their own homes. From elegant scents, table decorations, flatware, tableware and everything in between, creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about consistency and mastering the details. With a prime-time location at the fairground, the World of Fine Dining showcases the best in a wide array of elegant serving tools, wine equipment, kitchenware and beautiful dining accessories to turn any home into a world-class restaurant experience.
Crystalline Glassware
Wilmax Ltd
Booth: 1C-C02
Dds Home Products Co., Ltd
Booth: 1D-A26
Collapsible Plastic Handy Basket
Sam Mei Enterprises (HK) Co
Booth: 1D-A19

Sneak Peek at the Newest Ideas for Home and Pets
Houseware Product Demo & Launch Pad
Date and Time: Apr 20, 11am-11:20am
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1E

Pet Supplies Product Demo
Date and Time: Apr 20, 2:30pm-3:30pm
Venue: Atrium, Hall 1A

Discover Other L.I.F.E. Aspects

Interior Zone – Own Jungle (Halls 3B-E)

Explore the Best Around the Globe @ Group Pavilions
(Halls 3D-E, Hall 3 Concourse)
With over 2,200 exhibitors, the fair is an international showcase of the best from different regions. Visit the group pavilions of Bangladesh, India and Korea for a sourcing tour across the globe!
Cloth Rack
Booth: 3D-C24
Wooden Tray
Formosa Brothers Co Ltd
Booth: 3E-B41
Bicycle Holder
Ferro Carbon Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth: 3E-B13

Sneak Peek at the Newest Home Textiles Products
Home Textiles Product Demo & Launch Pad
Date and Time: Apr 20, 2:30-3pm
Venue: OASIS, Hall 3B

Feast Zone – Visual Illusion (Halls 3F-G)

Tailored for the increasing competitive hotel and catering industry, HORECA is a comprehensive integrated platform for buyers who are keen to look for hotel, restaurant, and café related supplies.
Towel Ring
Sam Globals
Booth: 3F-C17
Shower Curtain Poles
Shenzhen Baku Hardware Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-C15
Glass Cup
Source Management Limited
Booth: 3F-C01

Ignite Your Senses
International Kitchenette
Date and Time: Apr 20, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Venue: Activity Zone, Hall 3FG

Latte Art Performance
Date and Time: Apr 20, 3pm-3:45pm
Venue: Activity Zone, Hall 3FG

Enrich Zone – Bamboology (Halls 5B-E)

More Bright Ideas @ Startup ( Hall 5D)
Find out more new ideas at Startup zone and get inspired! The showcase of fresh and original additions to enrich the modern lifestyle.
Scooter Light
Fun & Fair Company Limited
Booth: 5D-A02
Home Decors
Mr Sheep Co Ltd
Booth: 5D-A09
Artificial Silk Flowers
Dongguan Dongcheng Rongsheng Artificial Flowers Factory
Booth: 5D-A06

Discover More Innovative Ideas
Startup . Smart Launch
Date and Time: Apr 20, 11am – 11:40am
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D

World of Building & Hardware Product Demo & Launch Pad
Date and Time: Apr 20, 1:40pm-3pm
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D

Egg Separator Wine Corkscrew Kids Dinning Set Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Folding Water Cup

Interior Zone – Own Jungle (Halls 3B-E)
Peek inside a material world! Home interiors are on the forefront of modern consumer minds as people spend more and more on the great indoors. We welcome over 290 exhibitors from 8 countries and regions around the globe as they bring unique fabrics, styles, excellent craftsmanship and the latest interior design trends to the eighth edition of the Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair!
Table Cloth, Napkins
Minh Trang Handmade Company
Booth: 3B-D17
Mei Kai Industries (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 3C-A03
Cushion Covers
Booth: 3B-F11
Nightingale – Gold Embroidery Trim On Black Satin Table Linen
Paramount Manufacturing Group Ltd
Booth: 3C-A01
PT. Indah Jaya Textile Industry
Booth: 3B-C08
100% Nature Linen Bedding Set
Shenzhen Monde Enterprise Development Company Ltd
Booth: 3B-D16

Contemporary Style is Right at the Hall of Glamour
Journey into the Hall of Glamour, one of the Fair’s highlighted attractions with renowned brands and acclaimed companies showcasing their latest collections. Among other highlights, you can discover Marushin Sun Heart (HK) Limited, Kerala Balers Private Limited (India), Shiv Shakti Export (India) and PT. Indah Jaya Textile Industry (Indonesia), presenting top-quality terry towels made of Egyptian cotton.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Cottex® Tencel® Duvet
Cottex Australia International Limited
Booth: 3B-B07
Hello Kitty Garden Lady Towel
Marushin Sun Heart (HK) Limited
Booth: 3B-E02
India India
Coir / Rubber Molded Mat
Kerala Balers Private Limited
Booth: 3B-B02
Shiv Shakti Exports
Booth: 3B-C02

International Pavilions
India and the Chinese mainland are leading producers in Asia’s home textiles industry, and both giants are well represented once again at this year’s Fair. Three notable textile industry associations from India are exhibiting, including the Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC), Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC). Also returning this year is the Jiangsu Nantong Pavilion of the Chinese mainland, showcasing famed textiles from this renowned Chinese region to present a one-stop look at Asia’s finest high quality textiles and carpets.

Carpets of India @ Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) Pavilion
Discover a beautiful tradition and a vast array of fine Indian rugs, rich in colour, grand in design and breathing elegance at the Rugs of India by CEPC Pavilion.

Do You Fancy Sourcing Something More Sophisticated?
More than 290 leading exhibitors present a selection of timeless, refined and elegant home textiles products that are on the cutting edge of quality.
Tufted Bathmat
Sarla Handicrafts P Ltd
Booth: 3B-B01
Booth: 3B-F24
Vinyl Backed Coir Doormat
Fibre World
Booth: 3B-E07
Cushion Cover
Booth: 3B-F08

A Projection into the Future of Living - Green Products & HORECA Supplies
Green Products and HORECA supplies have strong demands in the market, reflecting the growing awareness of eco issues and health in greater society. It’s a trend that continues to flourish, and buyers can experience a fine range of products from both categories at the Fair as booths exhibiting green products and HORECA supplies are clearly labelled to promote a more efficient sourcing experience.
Santex Home Fashions (Tianjin) Co Ltd.
Booth: 3B-F12
Polypropylene Mats
Sapana Polyweave Pvt.Ltd.
Booth: 3B-F25
Dongyang Huarun Knitting Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3B-D32
Animal Door Stopper
Excel Concept Holdings (HK) Ltd.
Booth: 3B-F39

Signature Event
Want to know more about the hottest items for 2018? Representative from renowned trend forecasting company will speak at the Fair today. Grasp the chance to stay ahead of the game! Register now to reserve your seat!
WGSN Trendntalk: Houseware & Home Textile 2018 Forecast

Date and Time: Apr 20, 2pm-2:45pm
Venue: Meeting Rooms N106-108
Speaker: Anupreet Bhui, WGSN Senior Editor


Free Gifts For You
Redemption Date & Time: 20/4 12nn-6pm
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* Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Each eligible buyer is only entitled to one redemption. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotion including Asia Miles. Souvenir photos above are for reference only. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

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Fair Preview for Media
The Joint Press Conference for the Hong Kong Houseware Fair and Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair, as well as the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair and Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair (both of which will be staged from 27-30 April) took place on 11 April at the Harbour City. Media were given an overview of the four fairs and their market forecasts, with selected products on display.
From left: Benson Pau, Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association and Member of the Fair Organising Committee; The Hon. Jeffrey Lam, GBS, JP, Chairman, Fair Organising Committee, HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair and Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair; and Benjamin Chau, Acting Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Media representatives and guests get the first look at the interesting and innovative products on offer at the fairs.

Celebrate Fresh New Ideas from Design Talents
Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017, organised by The Hong Kong Exporters' Association, aims not only at cultivating creativity and accelerating innovations among design talents but also in motivating Hong Kong manufacturers and exporters to upgrade and transform from OEM to OBM and ODM. This year, the Awards has attracted nearly 600 entries and the Award Presentation Ceremony (Home & Housewear Category) will be held at the cocktail reception on 20 April. 24 entries were awarded and showcased at the Joint Fair Press Conference in 4-prdocut groups under Home & Houseware Category, namely, Kitchen, Dining & Party, Bathroom & Personal Care and Living. Also, a new award of “Smart Aging Award” is added to encourage enterprises to develop products designed for the needs of the elderly. Come and get a glimpse of the awarded products at Booths 1-CON-020-021 during the fair period.

Enjoy Bonus Sourcing Opportunities
The world’s leading one-stop sourcing platform of gifts and premiums, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, offers trade buyers an extraordinary opportunity to view the very latest products from more than 4,300 worldwide exhibitors

Held at the AsiaWorld-Expo, the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair allows the printing & packaging industry to showcase its expertise and customer service to buyers from around the world.

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