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World-Class Houseware and Home Textiles Events in Hong Kong

20-23 Apr 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Exhibitor List
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Network with Professionals from Around the World
at Asia’s Biggest Houseware and Home Textiles Fairs
Time to raise your glasses for a homely celebration! April 20 was a fabulous evening as exhibitors, buyers, industry leaders, VIPs and media representatives toasted the success of the concurrent Hong Kong Houseware Fair and Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair! Invited guests enjoyed an opportunity to meet, greet and network with industry players in a relaxing atmosphere, while enjoying excellence in design at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards presentation ceremony. Cheers to a bright and blossoming future!

Proposing a toast at the Networking Reception are the Honourable So Kam Leung, Gregory, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the HKSARG (7th from left); Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC (6th from left); Benson Pau, Chairman, Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (8th from left), and members of the Fairs Organising Committee (from left to right), CL Lam, Eric Sun, Brian Sun, Wilson Lee, Alfred Lin, William Wong, Lok Pak Keung, Robert, Willie Tan, Lawrence Tong and Vincent Wong

VIP Tour
Regent Silverware Manufacturing Limited
Booth: 1E-B11
Technical Development (HK) Limited
Booth: 1D-D15
China Pearl (HK) Co Ltd
Booth: 1D-C01
Kool Limited
Booth: 1D-B01
Chase On Development Limited
Booth: 1C-D02
Hong Kong Smart Design Awards
Booth: 1CON-020


"L.I.F.E." is what this edition of the Hong Kong Houseware Fair is all about! The leading event of its kind in Asia returns with a brand new concept centered on the different aspects of "L.I.F.E.", including themes of "Lifestyle", "Interior", "Feast" and "Enrich". With over 2,200 world-class exhibitors from 27 countries and regions showcasing their greatest products, sourcing has never been easier or more pleasurable as buyers enjoy the sights and sounds of the Fair as it unveils the future of houseware in 2018 and beyond.

Featured Products
Condiment Set
Easy Life S.p.A.
Booth: 1E-F01
Tvs Spa
Booth: 1E-A01
Gun Mug
Topchoice Industries Ltd
Booth: 1D-A16
Rotary Grinder
Daka International Limited
Booth: 1E-D17
Handmade Flower Vase
Lacquer World Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3C-C05
Tempered-Glass Food Container
Sam Kwang Glass Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1C-E02

What’s On 22 Apr (Sat)
Buyer Forum – Understanding the Australian Furniture Market and Customers
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D
Testing, Certification and Inspection Services for Houseware Products
Venue: Product Launch Area,
Hall 1E
International Kitchenette
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG
Latte Art Performance
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG
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Opening Hours

22 April (Sat):

9:30am - 6:30pm

23 April (Sun):
9:30am - 5pm

Buyer Registration Hours

22 April (Sat):
9am - 6pm

23 April (Sun):
9am - 3:30pm

Celebrating the Aspects of L.I.F.E
Our major zone categories are represented by "L.I.F.E." and its many themes, including "Lifestyle", "Interior", "Feast" and "Enrich" to create an easy-to-navigate setting and superior sourcing experience for buyers and visitors.

Feast Zone – Visual Illusion (Halls 3F-G)
Playful elements are a major emerging trend in interior design as homeowners become more expressive and confident in their decorating identities! In a first time collaboration with Italian trend forecasting agency, A+A Design Studio, the Feast Zone unveils a world of visually impressive designs fit for contemporary tastes, showcasing home essentials that inspire gorgeous visual illusions and outstanding beauty. Come and see for yourselves at the trend display outside Halls 3FG!

Tailored for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes @ HORECA (Hall 3F)NEW!
Part of the allure of working in hotels, restaurants and catering is the competitive arena of the flourishing hospitality industry. Step into HORECA, a glamourous showcase of the finest equipment, tools and decorations favoured by leading professionals in the world of hospitality.
Towel Ring
Sam Globals
Booth: 3F-C17
Shower Curtain Poles
Shenzhen Baku Hardware Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-C15
Glass Cup
Source Management Limited
Booth: 3F-C01

Exquisite Tableware (Hall 3F)
Home entertaining is more popular than it has ever been as hosts spend more and more to replicate a restaurant-quality experience at home. Feast your eyes as you visit Hall 3F for a great variety of exquisite tableware, serving equipment and kitchen accessories made from porcelain, silver, precious metals and many other fine materials. We’re spending more and more on staying in rather than going out, so be sure to come see what attracts the modern home entertainer today!
Grandwish Enterprises Limited
Booth: 3F-D02
Hollow Satin Mirror Set 5pcs
New Chapter Trading Company
Booth: 3F-D04
Glass Jug
Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Booth: 3F-F03

Bringing Wine Tasting to the Next Level @ Wine Tools & Accessories
(Hall 3F)
Whether you are a connoisseur of wine or a humble beginner, the experience of enjoying a bottle (or two) is made better with the right equipment. Be sure to visit a gorgeous collection of wine tools and accessories at Hall 3F and take in the finest tools fit for timeless appreciation.
Coravin Model Two Elite
Coravin Asia Limited
Booth: 3F-E23
Actigift Development Company Limited
Booth: 3F-E19
Samlan International
Booth: 3F-E16

Cook Smart! @ Kitchenware & Gadgets (Hall 3G)
With gadgets all around us in a modern world, the kitchen is no different as a young generation of homeowners demand more innovative tools for their home lives. Visit the kitchenware and gadgets display at Hall 3G and see smart ideas that appeal to trendy home entertainers, making household chores a joy rather than a hassle.
Bookmark Chopping Board
Fullhouse Tracy Housewares Company Limited
Booth: 3G-B16
Salt & Pepper Mills
Clickstar Export Services Ltd
Booth: 3G-B03
3D Coating Fry Pan, Wok
Seshin Industry, Inc.
Booth: 3G-A04

Home Appliances (Hall 3G)
The modern consumer demands more in their appliances as smart and savvy products gain greater attention in the market. Today’s appliances are more than just about doing a job; they are also about fulfilling a lifestyle identity. Come and see the next stage of home appliances at Hall 3G!
Plastic Solar Light Thermometer
New Century Industrial Development Limited
Booth: 3F-G12
Insect Killer with 6W Lamp
Zhongshan Glee Electricals Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Booth: 3G-A26
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Shenzhen Bester Technology Ltd
Booth: 3G-B15

Ignite Your Senses
International Kitchenette
Date and Time: Apr 22, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG

Latte Art Performance
Date and Time: Apr 22, 3pm-3:45pm
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG

Discover Other L.I.F.E. Aspects

Lifestyle Zone – Count on Copper (Hall 1)

World of Pet Supplies (Hall 1A)
Our pets bring us so much affection that they clearly deserve the best! Experience a wide choice of excellent pet supplies including premium pet foods, aquarium products, healthcare supplies, training products and much more that collectively make up one of the world’s fastest growing home industries!
Pet Door
TS International Holdings Co Ltd
Booth: 1A-C11
Fur-trimmed Dog Downcoat with a Camellia Logo
Pet Republic Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1A-S05
Cordless Dog Leash
Beijing Longzhouxing Autocontrol Technologies Ltd.
Booth: 1A-C16

Source for Prestigious Brands @ Hall of Elegance (Halls 1D-E)
As the Fair’s showcase highlight, the Hall of Elegance returns with some of the most prestigious brands from around the world including Berndes, bzyoo, Happycall, JIA, Kakiemon, Laica, PinJang, R2S, Thomson Pottery, Topchoice, and TVS. Experience the gold standard of innovation and craftsmanship with a vast range of top designer collections.
Tea Infuser
Ommo Company Limited
Booth: 1D-C11
Glass Tableware
Cerve Spa
Booth: 1E-D03
Garlic Slicer and Spice Grinder Set
Kool Limited
Booth: 1D-B01

Don’t Miss a Thing: Get the Latest Fair Updates!
Testing, Certification and Inspection Services for Houseware Products
Date and Time: Apr 22, 11:30am-12:15pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1E

Interior Zone – Own Jungle (Halls 3B-E)

Best for Celebration @ Festive Decor (Hall 3C)
Celebrate good times and deck the halls year-round with this sparkly showcase of festive decorations! A timeless pastime, festive decoration never goes out of style so get started at Hall 3C where you can find ornaments that suit every type of special occasion!
Star Candle Holder
Booth: 3C-B19
Electronic Diffuser
Floralbest HK Limited
Booth: 3C-A06
Festive Candlestick
Shaanxi Luqian Enterprise Co Ltd
Booth: 3C-B20

Worldly Support from International Pavilions (Halls 3D-E, Hall 3 Concourse)
With over 2,200 exhibitors, the Fair is truly an international showcase of the best from around the world! Be sure to visit the group pavilions of Bangladesh, the Chinese Mainland, India, Japan and Korea for a sourcing tour that takes you to the best and most attractive products across the globe!
Chinese Mainland
European Union

Enrich Zone – Bamboology (Halls 5B-E)

More Bright Ideas @ Startup ( Hall 5D)NEW!
Find out more new ideas at Startup zone and get inspired! The showcase of fresh and original additions to enrich the modern lifestyle.
Indian Mint Hand Lotion
Harmonia Life Company Limited
Booth: 5D-A03
Exclusive Graphic Designs with Copyright Ownership
Collectionstock Limited
Booth: 5D-A05
Anion Aroma Diffuser
Gaojiao Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5D-A04

Outdoor & Gardening (Hall 5E)
Get the green thumbs ready for the great outdoors! Gardening is a fabulous stress reliever and a growing part of home living. Explore gardening tips, tools and more for both amateur and professional gardeners at the outdoor and gardening display at Hall 5E!
Hamburg Charcoal Grill
Voka Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5E-B20
Clay Fiber Pottery and Decoration
Tel Hong Kong Limited
Booth: 5E-C11
Aluminium Chair and Table
Bestkind (Hong Kong) Enterprises Company Limited
Booth: 5E-E12

Open for Discussion: Share Your Views with Leading Industry Experts
Buyer Forum – Understanding the Australian Furniture Market and Customers
Date and Time: Apr 22, 10:30am-11am
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D

Hot Picks by Media Expert
“This is my first trip to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair and the International Home textiles and Furnishings Fair. I didn’t know what to expect and l have been pleasantly surprised.
To walk around the four floors and experience the wide range of unique products on offer for prospective buyers is quite overwhelming.
All elements you need for your home are covered, from pet products, to household slippers, kitchenware, storage…there is no element not covered! There was even a section for children’s household items, chairs, cutlery and even party products.
I attended a presentation by WGSN Futures who discussed up and coming trends in furnishings and interior design and one of the topics they covered included multi coloured cutlery. During my walk around the show l was fascinated to see the “L.I.F.E” themes with bronze, gold and opal coloured cutlery, only to discover after this presentation it was very much “on trend”.
I was fascinated to see how far and wide exhibitors had come to display their wares, which are unique to their country thus offering products not seen before. Countries outside of Asia, like Poland and New Zealand.
The most fascinating meeting was with the representative from HancDesign (under Easia Designs) the craftsmanship of their products is second to none. The company philosophy of appreciating and maintaining the Chinese culture and heritage through quality furniture showed in the finishes and designs of their pieces. The video on their website brings a personal element to the designs and creates a story and a background to every piece of furniture and the philosophy of the design process. They are only a young company, but they have huge potential. The passion they impart is what furniture design, manufacture and craftsmanship is all about and ultimately what we look for in the furniture industry.”
Vivienne Forbes, Corporate Communications Manager, Australian Furniture Association
Eaves – Spring
Easia Design Limited
Booth: 3CON-110
WGSN Trendtalk
“Lifestyle” themed Trend Display

Hear What Exhibitors Say
“Export Promotion Board Bangladesh has set up a group pavilion at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for many times to showcase handmade houseware produced by Bangladesh manufacturers. As the Hong Kong Houseware Fair provides an important platform for Bangladesh manufacturers to promote their products to international buyers and to get new orders, the number of exhibitors in the Bangladesh pavilion at this year’s fair has increased to 21 from 15 last year. This year Bangladesh exhibitors are showcasing a wide range of handicraft products, home decorations, kitchenware, tableware, table linens and pillows. As our products are renowned for their good quality, unique designs, fine craftsmanship and eco-friendliness, our exhibitors have received many buyer enquiries and have met with new buyers from Europe, Japan and Korea.”
Abdur Rashid, Deputy Director, Export Promotion Board Bangladesh, Bangladesh (Booth: 3CON-052)
“Shigaraki is a town in Japan which is famous for producing pottery. At this year’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair, the Association of Shigaraki Ceramic Company has converted a standard booth into a Japanese garden decorated with different kinds of pottery ware provided by eight members of the Association. Our main goals are to introduce Japanese lifestyle and culture and to promote the exports of Shigaraki pottery ware. One of the attractive exhibits is a huge ceramic bathtub which has a diameter of 110cm and a height of 60cm. Many buyers like our Japanese garden and Shigaraki pottery. Buyers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have expressed their interest in buying our pottery. One of our exhibitors will visit a retailer in Hong Kong to have further negotiations on the third day of the fair.”
Ikuo Muraki, Vice Chairman, Association of Shigaraki Ceramic Company, Japan (Booth: 1B-D20)

Hear What Buyers Say
“Based in Turkey, our company is an importer, wholesaler and retailer of kitchenware, tableware, home textiles, lighting products and gifts. We have 20 corner shops in well-known department stores and operate an online store in Turkey. We have visited the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for many times. We like to come every year because suppliers here can offer high quality and good designs and many of them have lowered their MOQ requirement to 500 pieces. At the fair, we have found more than 10 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and India for the provision of cutlery sets and knives. We plan to buy one container of cutlery sets and knives from each of the new suppliers after getting their quotations and it’ll take one week for us to finalise our orders.”
Cosku Ozan Kurtulus, Managing Partner, Sude İç Ve Dış Tic. Ltd., Turkey
“Our company is a one-stop shop for all kinds of hotel supplies in Malaysia. Apart from supplying to boutique hotels, we also sell bedding, bathroom products and decorations to consumers through our online store. We have been to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair for several times because it is a good place for us to look for high-quality, innovative and durable products to meet the needs of boutique hotels and consumers. So far, we have identified about 10 potential suppliers who will send us the quotations after the fair. After collecting their quotations, we’ll check the requirements of our hotel clients and place orders. We notice that the HKTDC has produced an attractive promotional leaflet highlighting the theme of this year’s fair ‒ “L.I.F.E.”, which stands for four themed zones: Lifestyle, Interior, Feast and Enrich. It helps us to find what we want and locate the right suppliers.”
Giok Hong Lee (right), Marketing Director, and James Tan (left), Director, 1 Hotel Supplier Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Interior Zone – Own Jungle (Halls 3B-E)
Demand for excellence in home interior furnishings is at an all-time peak. With over 290 leading exhibitors, a vast array of top-tier home textiles, vibrant furnishings and excellent craftsmanship is on display at the Fair, including new exhibitors from Belgium and Vietnam. Make your way to Hall 3B to uncover business opportunities and fruitful partnerships with leading global manufacturers.
Upholstery and Furnishing
May Design Studio
Booth: 3B-C26
Chhabra Home Concepts Pvt Limited
Booth: 3B-E34
Nirmal International
Booth: 3B-E24
Coir Rubber Molded Mat
Kerala Balers Private Limited
Booth: 3B-B02
Elegant Weavers
Booth: 3B-E37
Ravi Export Inds.
Booth: 3B-E32

Live for the Glam
The Hall of Glamour was created to help buyers source high-end, design-focused textiles and furnishings in efficiency and comfort. Collecting some of the world’s finest products, the Hall is a particularly useful barometer for gauging industry trends and allows buyers a look into the latest inspirations that are influencing the market.
Cushion Cover
Fablinen Exports
Booth: 3B-E08
Vinyl backed Coir Doormat
Fibre World
Booth: 3B-E07
Cottex® Tencel® Duvet
Cottex Australia International Limited
Booth: 3B-B07

Welcoming New Nations in an International Interior Showcase
Attracting top-tier producers from countries all around the world, this year’s Fair proudly welcomes newcomers from Belgium and Vietnam to our list of esteemed international exhibitors. See the latest and greatest in home interior decorating and textiles from these countries as they display their culture and craftsmanship for the first time to the Fair’s visiting buyers.
Booth: 3B-F24
Silk Bedding Set
Minh Trang Handmade Company
Booth: 3B-D17

International Pavilions
India and the Chinese mainland are Asia’s leading producers and influencers in the home furnishings and textiles market. These countries are again well represented at this year’s Fair, with the Indian Pavilion hosting three textile industry associations – the Handloom Export Promotion Council, the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, and the Rugs of India by Carpet Export Promotion Council – and Jiangsu-Nantong hosted at the Chinese mainland pavilion, presenting the latest and greatest in high-quality home textiles and carpets.

Know the Zones
With such a comprehensive selection of leading products under one roof, efficient fairground navigation is key. To make sourcing easy, the Fair is divided into themed zones based on key market segments and designed to appeal to preferences from a varied spectrum of consumer tastes.
Shaped Cotton Apron
Mei Kai Industries (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 3C-A03
Table Mat and Napkins
Booth: 3B-F11
Animal Stool
Excel Concept Holdings (HK) Ltd
Booth: 3B-F39

Hear What Exhibitors Say
“In business for 15 years, Home Zone is a home textiles manufacturer in India. Our products are made of 100% cotton covering table linen, living linen, kitchen towels and bed linen. This is our first participation in Home Textiles Fair to grow our business. We are keen to reach out to more importers and retailers from all over the world. So far, we have met with two serious customers from Belgium and Greece. They expressed interest in our table linen and kitchen towels. Further negotiation will be conducted and we will send samples and pricing details to them. The fair offers a great opportunity for us to gain more exposure. The organiser has provided good support. We really like this exhibition.”
Kumaran Elango, Managing Director, Home Zone, India (Booth: 3B-C37)
“J-Tex produces a great variety of bedding collections under licensed brands like Hallmark and Disney as well as our own brand J-Tex. Major markets cover Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta area including Shenzhen of the Chinese mainland and Macau. We have been participating in Home Textiles Fair for many years. This is an excellent platform to expand business. Our new bedding series of Hallmark made of Tencel and premium fabrics is among the highlights for this year’s exhibition. We have already met with some new customers from USA, UAE, India and Portugal. Some of them are exploring OEM cooperation. Further negotiation will get underway after the fair and samples will be sent over for buyers’ assessment. This fair is really a good place to meet different customers all under one roof. We can always secure new buyers every year.”
Benny Leung, Director, J-Tex (H.K.) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong (Booth: 3B-D08)

Hear What Buyers Say
“We are engaged in the e-tailing business in Russia selling primarily fashion and accessories. Our shopping platform has been in operation for two years and we are expanding our business to cover home furnishings and household items. We are visiting Home Textiles Fair for the first time to find new suppliers. This is really an eye-opening experience. We have found a lot of interesting home furnishings here including mattresses and bed linens. There are many Indian exhibitors and they are showcasing an amazing mix of well-designed collections. We have also spotted some attractive items such as garden decorative products and small home items at Houseware Fair. We have collected a lot of information about different products. We will go through them carefully to choose the most suitable items. This is a great fair and we will definitely come again.”
Shiverskikh Olga (left), Manager, Qualiti Inspector Goods, Russia
“We specialise in the supply of home furnishings as well as textiles and interior décor for the hotel industry. Based in Dubai, our business covers the markets of UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. We also deal with some hotels in Africa. I am visiting Home Textiles Fair to find bed linen, table linen and decorative products for homes and hotels. I have identified two new suppliers from the Chinese mainland for table linen, bed linen and chair covers. I’ve also got in touch with Indonesia exhibitor PT. Indah Jaya Textile Industry that produces quality textiles for the hotel industry. I will meet the new suppliers in the Chinese mainland and Indonesia after the fair to discuss business cooperation. Our orders will be at least US$50,000-US$100,000 with each supplier. Talks are also underway with an Italian supplier of kitchen appliances at Houseware Fair. The hotel industry is booming worldwide driving demand for hotel-related textiles. I hope to see more textiles for the hospitality business at the fair.”
M.S. Bipin, Regional Manager, Cottonopolis International Fzco, UAE

Event Highlights (22 April)
22 April - Saturday
Buyer Forum – Understanding the Australian Furniture Market and Customers
Time: 10:30am – 11:00am
Venue: Open Forum, Hall 5D
Vivienne Forbes, Corporate Communications Manager, Australian Furniture Association
Testing, Certification and Inspection Services for Houseware Products
Time: 11:30am – 12:15pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1E
1. Christopher Burling, Department Manager (Hardlines), TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd
2. Kenneth To, Assistant Manager - Business Development Division (Food & Pharmaceutical), CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories
International Kitchenette
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: Activity Zone, Halls 3FG

Free Gifts For You
Redemption Date & Time: 22/4 9:30am-6pm
  23/4 9:30am-4:30pm
* Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Each eligible buyer is only entitled to one redemption. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotion including Asia Miles. Souvenir photos above are for reference only. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

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Dazzling Happenings on 21 April
Joint Media Breakfast Meeting
Exhibitors had a fruitful morning introducing their latest products to the international journalist and industry representatives.
Willie Tan, Member, Fair Organising Committee of the HKTDC’s Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair and Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair shares the latest industry information at the breakfast meeting
Buyer Forum – Opportunities in Indian, Australian and Indonesian Markets
Grasp the opportunities in emerging markets now and stay ahead of the industry!
  Rajesh Khurana, President ( International Business Services Division), Mosaic Houseware Pvt Ltd, India
Eric Hao, Senior Category Buyer - Electronics, Sports & Fitness, GROUPON Australia & New Zealand Wenny Yuniar, Category General Manager – Home Living & Culinary, PT. Global Digital Niaga (, Indonesia
Startup . Smart Launch
Collectionstock Limited
Booth: 5D-A05
Mr. Sheep Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5D-A09
International Kitchenette
Guest chefs presented excellent Korean dishes using the quality kitchenware from exhibitors.
GBSA – Korea
Booth: 3E-C01

Presented by Chef HO Chi Leung Photo of the Chef
- Award winner of The Hong Kong International Culinary Classic -
“Bronze Award for Western Hot Cooking – Professional Category”
- Experienced chef specialised in Western Cuisine, previously worked at renowned hotels and restaurants, including Royal Plaza Hotel, Sheraton Hong Kong,
Le Meridien Cyberport, etc
What’s Hot in the Pets Industry?
Industry players attended the seminar to acquire the most updated information about the booming pet industry in the Chinese mainland and HK.
Qin Qiuyun, Supply Chain Sales Manager, Yidugo Conny Im, Founder, iPet Channel
Sourcing of High Quality Eco-friendly Indian Handwovens
Environmental friendliness has now become one of the important considerations when consumers make their purchase. Industry players got to learn how to source smart for high quality eco-friendly Indian Handwovens at the seminar.
R. Anand, Executive Director, Handloom Export Promotion Council
Latte Art Performance
Building Inspection – A Body Check for Our Building
Industry experts shared the latest technological development for building inspection.
Kenneth PAK, IVE Engineering Discipline In-service Training Office, VTC Joseph MAK, Materials Division, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Stanley CHAN Man Kwong, Association of Construction Materials Laboratories Ltd.  
World of Building & Hardware Networking Reception
VIPs and industry representatives had a great networking time exchanging views on the building and hardware industry.
Happy Hour

Presentation Ceremony of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017
Winners of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 – Home and Houseware Category
Award presenter (right): The Honourable So Kam Leung, Gregory, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the HKSARGAward presenter (centre): Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC
Award presenter (2nd from right): Benson Pau, Chairman, Hong Kong Exporters’ Association

Enjoy Bonus Sourcing Opportunities
The world’s leading one-stop sourcing platform of gifts and premiums, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, offers trade buyers an extraordinary opportunity to view the very latest products from more than 4,300 worldwide exhibitors

Held at the AsiaWorld-Expo, the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair allows the printing & packaging industry to showcase its expertise and customer service to buyers from around the world.

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